Resolutions and goals for 2012

December 31, 2011



I've been working on my list of goals for 2012 and thought I would try something different. Instead of coming up with specific goals for the year, I thought I would try different goals each month. Some may hang around longer than a month, but I will at least give them their 30 days due.

  • My running goal - the only one going the entire year is several things combined.  It is a goal to reach 1200 miles and also a goal to run 12 half marathons in 2012

Monthly goals are the following:

  1. A month without made in China - I read the book "A year without made in China" and would like to dedicate a month to keep myself and my family aware of all the things we are filling our house with that are made in China
  2. Daily journal- whether it be a written journal or an art journal I want to devote a month to putting words on paper daily, and see where it takes me
  3. Reading - one month using any spare moment I have to read, instead of facebook or message boards.  Getting lost in a good book, I miss it! A dedicated month to rekindle my joy of reading!
  4. Pay it forward - Opening a door, buying a coffee or just a smile can really change someones day, and change yours in the process.
  5. Organize and clean - Taking the time, room by room to clear things out, organize and get rid of clutter
  6. Scrapbooking and Creativity - dedicating time for scrapbooks, and being creative each day.
  7. Christmas in July - Come up with gifts for Christmas and start making them to be more prepared for gifts throughout the holidays
  8. Making time for friends and family - Those lunch dates you always say will happen one day, make them happen.  A month of making dates for coffee, lunch and catching up with old friends.
  9. New Recipes - Digging out all those recipe books and try some new dishes, who knows they may become new family favorites!
  10. Something new - doing things or eating things that are different from the same old choices, try the things I've never thought to try before.
  11. Count your pages - Spend a month using all your current scrapbooking and crafting products on hand.  Count how much you get done
  12. Combo - one month to do several of my favorites from list above

Now I just need to choose the months on which they will apply - with the first month being a month without made in China... lets see how this goes!



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