Rental property

August 12, 2007

If you were ever thinking of getting rental property DON"T DO IT!  This has become one of the biggest headaches of our lives.  I truly cannot believe how people live and what morals they have.

We have had houses overrun with cats.  Now I love cats, but this just gives them a bad name - when people just let them multiply until they literally take over an area.  They don't care about these animals, in fact once they move out they abandon them.

We've found dog poop on the roof of one house when going to clean it out!  Now this is just animal cruelty and complete laziness!  That they apparently let the dog out on the roof is shocking enough?

We have found food molded in bedrooms which smelled of cat urine, mattresses on the floor with no area of the floor to be seen because it is covered by clothes and other objects.

There are usual piles of clothes left, destroyed carpets and walls and even fleas!  Yes, this is how some people live? 

I keep thinking the last thing that I seen was the most shocking, but wait there is always another person ready and able to up the shock to a new level.  We've had people destroy a house in under 8 months.  Now just how do you live like this?

I think I had such a sheltered life that I didn't know or think people were like this until getting rental property!

So here I go getting my garbage bags, rubber gloves and flea bombs to work on our rental property!


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