Remembering his birthday

December 16, 2011

In talking with my favorite farmer up the road a few months back, he had mentioned that his birthday was December 15th, and, as any female would do, I put that in my memory for a later date, because I knew I would be going back to it!


Soon December was upon us, and I began counting down to his birthday. What do you get someone for their 89th birthday? I kept asking myself this question...  but then I realized it wasn't about what we got him. It was about taking the time to visit him and remember his birthday, that is what mattered.

Chelsea picked up the balloon and cupcakes, while I tied a ribbon around the two prints I had mounted on foam core of his farm. Reaching his house, we realized he wasn't home and we would have to return later.

By the time we got back by, it was 7pm and dark out. I knew I wanted to get a picture, but at this hour I didn't know how much we'd be disturbing a farmer whose wake up time was surely in the 5 o'clock hour.  We knocked at the door... no answer, and when I opened the screen to knock again, I found his keys left in the door.  

After a moments hesitation I turned the keys and opened the door, he lives in an old farm house, so this only led me to another door and his basement. I could hear the television playing one of those shows I remember watching when I was a kid and knocked again, after a bit of shuffling, he arrived at the door.  

It was 7pm and he was alone on his 89th birthday watching what sounded like some TV land show from the 70's, he arrived at the door smiling. He had no expectations of his birthday, what he had gotten that day had been enough, as he is with every day of his life, always happy with what he has.

While he couldn't believe we had remembered his birthday, he was even happier after our visit, and so was I. He laughed and smiled as we told him about his keys in the door, and commented, well at least I locked it on the inside, and continued that it was too many birthdays that made him forget. Just before we left, Chelsea hugged him and we again said Happy Birthday. He talked of how lucky he is for all the great neighbors he has, but truly we are the lucky ones to know him.

I can only hope his evening was brighter with our visit, but I know that mine was and will be for a long time... 



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