Random Questions

November 20, 2007

Here are some random questions from my blogging friend at Moved to the Mountains
  1. Who am I? Tina, wife, mother, sister, friend, DT member
  2. Who knows me best? My husband - Joel
  3. How old am I? 43
  4. How old do I feel? Thirtysomething...
  5. The most important thing in my life is...  family
  6. I always carry...my cellphone 
  7. Something I always do is...drink coffee, check email
  8. I'm at my happiest when...with my family or scrapbooking with friends.
  9. On a Monday morning, you'll find me...at my computer, having my cereal and first cup of coffee
  10. My favorite mode of transportation is...my car - LOVE my Trail blazer!
  11. My eyes are...brown
  12. My favorite material possession is...My scraproom
  13. To relax, I like to...read, take pictures, create
  14. The town I live in is...small but nice 
  15. What's my worst habit...spending too much time on the computer
  16. My guilty pleasure is... dark chocolate
  17. When I look at someone, the first thing I see is...their smile (or lack of one!)
  18. I think ....................... is beautiful. The fall colors and sun rays coming through the clouds.
  19. One thing that I can live without is...stress! OMG soo true!!!
  20. One thing people don't know about me is... I'm usually shy until I get to know you.
  21. My life is...up and down and happy and sad and while I don't always enjoy the ride I love the people I'm on the ride with


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