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June 26, 2007

On Sunday we heading out on our big adventure... to meet the author of the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich.  The ride out was flawless with Mimi's new car having a GPS system we wouldn't get lost.  However, we had to make a pit stop at Renee's, and  to Target to purchase the audio of Lean Mean thirteen before heading out on the turnpike. The audio turned out to be disastrous, we couldn't stand the voices the reader tried to portray of each character. and once she started her Joe Morelli voice we just screamed "turn it off!"

We arrived in Monroeville PA by noon and before heading out for something to eat we thought we would check Border's out and find out the protocol to a book signing?  Good thing we did!  They were passing out tickets in groups of 50 and we were already letter E at noon.  By the time we were leaving that afternoon they were passing out letters J and K. 

After lunch at Friday's we arrived back at Border's and browsed the store for something to read while we waited, since we're all avid readers this wasn't a problem.  Things seemed to run smoothly as we only waited 1/2 hour or so and were in line to meet the author.

While standing in line Renee was observant enough to see that the girl passing out the stickers and balloons could be her daughter and after making that comment, found out she actually was.

Once arriving to the table to get our books signed and meet Janet - (having all our books stacked one inside the other)  we quickly handed off the camera to have a picture taken while she signed each of our books.  Their was no personalization, just her signature on the book, which was a little disappointing to us all!  Mimi tried to engage in conversation but it seemed we just got answers to the questions as she was ready to move onto the next group.

That's it?  Were done?  I don't know what I was expecting, but I was expecting more than that.  I guess that's why they are authors, because they hide behind their characters and don't have to engage in outward conversation.

While I will continue to enjoy her series.  I don't think I will plan any more dates to head to another book signing.


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