Painting furniture

January 11, 2011

I had a few people ask questions on my kitchen island and chairs that I painted so I thought I'd do a post about it. At first my husband was a little hesitant on my painting oak, which basically was only the front of the cabinet but once he saw it finished he loved too! Yes, I still have one tree up - kind of a winter snow tree may turn into a valentine tree...

I used Olde Century paints lamp black, and it ended up being just over a quart for the island and all 4 chairs.  I had used it previous to paint the tables in my family room.  This paint is kind of pricey but goes a long way! My girlfriend whose painted several cabinets uses a Behr quality paint so you don't have to use the Olde Century paints.

Now the Briwax I haven't used on the island or chairs yet, but I plan to.  I did however use the briwax on the wainscot in my family room and the chair rail in my dinning room and depending on the color briwax you get will depend on the look you get.

Good luck in all your painting adventures!


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