April 10, 2005

Well I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately and I need to put things back in perspective. 

Why is it as a mom you feel so responsible for so many things.  Or is it not just us moms but women in general.  Of course I am responsible for not only taking care of my children and getting them to each of their activities. (Which I want them to be involved in.)  And those things you DON'T want them involved in, which can create small wars with a teenager.  Add to that a husband, two part time jobs, two cleaning jobs and the upkeep of our own home.  (Isn't it funny how that dust doesn't bother me as much as it used to in my own home.)

So here I am back to my point of being overwhelmed and trying to put things into perspective.  How do you handle the daily stresses of life?  Do you keep a schedule, including home chores to keep you on track?  How do you find balance?


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