One year later

May 10, 2015

It was one year ago today that the world lost the one person that could teach us all a thing or two...

Jane felt immortal to me, like she would live forever. She did not want to be mourned, she wanted to be celebrated and she gave us plenty of memories to celebrate.

  • She lived life with no expectations and everything was a blessing
  • Her laugh alone could make you laugh
  • She gave of herself generously
  • She could have a two hour conversation with the wrong number
  • She would laugh at herself
  • She loved her family
  • She was always honest with her opinion
  • She always called me her daughter
  • She stood by me during the toughest times
  • She loved her boys through everything
  • She went to every event for her grandkids
  • She got to see Zachary born and told me of every contraction as she watched mesmerized with machines.
  • She was so proud of all of Chelsea's accomplishments
  • She went through hell and back and still came out smiling
  • She always told the funniest stories
  • While working at Hinckley beverage, she asked men if they wanted their nuts in a bag, then laughed with them and forever after when telling the story
  • She fell out of a canoe and while we all waited quietly on shore, she stood up laughing
  • She is the best example of love, life and giving the world ever had


Every time I have a happy moment I look at the sky and say "I miss you Jane", every time I am sad I look at the sky and say "I miss you Jane"... when I see a picture of her I think to myself "I miss you Jane"

I knew I would miss you this much, you were such a huge part of my life.  I just didn't know it would hurt so much...

Broken hearted



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  • May 11, 2015 @ 11:41 PM EDT
    By theresa bruene
    amazing...jane to a tee.brought tears to my eyes
  • May 10, 2015 @ 7:14 PM EDT
    By Debbie laruwe
    love you!!!!
  • May 10, 2015 @ 9:20 AM EDT
    By ronda dasta
    Beautiful entry and love that pic!

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