One year

August 22, 2014

Can you believe it...

Over one year ago Debbie went through brain surgery to remove a tennis ball size tumor, I know that part alone of this story should have us inspired. The medical abilities of today compared to 20 years ago are monumental, and they saved her. While there have been many miracles along the way, the path is still a daily crusade, with a long way to go.

One year later with so many lessons  along the way, making adjustments to her abilities and searching for conditions and actions that help her improve have left us all depleted.


Little of the circumstances that we have been handling were learned through doctors. Most of the research, the trials and transgressions have been through our own searching for what would help Debbie. Reading books, support groups and trying new things, some which have worked and some leave us searching for the next step in her recovery.


After receiving a flyer from Longaberger about a luncheon, I thought it would be a good way to get Debbie back into something she always loved. Last Saturday we attended the Longaberger Horizon of Hope luncheon with her friend Debbie. 


From the moment we walked through the doors Deb lit up! So in her element as she strolled from table to table with all the upcoming Christmas items. Christmas, her favorite holiday and her excitement couldnt keep me from beaming as she picked up each item and gave her enthusiastic opinion. Lets just say that anything with Santas belt was a hit!

The luncheon continued to be invigorating as Tammy Longaberger spoke to the group then made her way around to tables. I knew if there was anything I wanted at this event, it was to get Tammy with Deb. Once she was near enough I waved her over and told her about all Deb's been through, as well as the fact of her being a consultant and a huge Longaberger fan! We were all delighted that Tammy took some time with Deb, and I was sure to snap a few pictures. I've learned to speak up for things I want for Debbie!


The day had gone better than any in recent days, and I wanted to continue. I decided to make another stop at a cute craft store nearby.

Letting Deb look around while on the phone with Gordon, keeping an eye on my mother and browsing myself, I looked up and Deb was no longer in my view. Two women walked her out from a back room asking if she needed to sit or wasn't feeling well? I asked if she was okay but all she wanted to know was where was Cameron, she was just talking to him? I had to explain he had not been with us, although she was convinced he was and had walked away from her.  I knew right away this had been too much for Deb and she was exhausted from the day.

Although the day itself brought HOPE to me as I watched Deb throughout the event, in her element, until reality brought me back. A little too late I realized she needed rest and the ride home left her confused and anxious. It was too much excitement for one day.

As we keep moving forward I will continue to update, I hope with more highlights in this next phase as we continue to learn to help Debbie the best that we can.

Its always a delicate balance of getting Deb out, keeping her motivated and knowing when you've pushed her far enough for one day. But even through it all her humor keeps me laughing! Recently she was asked by her doctor how her hearing is? Her response... "it depends whose talking"


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