One more day

October 23, 2008

until we leave for Chicago!  I can't believe it is almost here!  We talked about it for what seemed like forever and then when I ordered the tickets for The Jersey Boys it made it official and now tomorrow we leave!  Everyone I talk to LOVES Chicago, so I can't wait to be joining that group!  Plus the weekend away with family is perfect!

Tonight is also exciting since Trish is coming to teach a class with my friends and then Chelsea will be home later in the evening.

I'm supposed to go look at cars today also.  We'll probably be getting it sometime next week when we get back, but I told our salesman I would narrow down the one I like.  We are still getting the Trailblazer since I still love it and it fits within our price range.  Now its just a matter of color and features.




Since Chelsea didn't come home all last weekend I went out to Kent for lunch on Tuesday.  We went to Rockne's and then we had to make our usual visit to Pulp, the place Chelsea loves that makes fruit smoothies.  We had an awesome berry mix...


Still reading New Moon - second in series of the Twilight series, so far this one hasn't grabbed me as much as the first, but I probably need to keep reading...


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