One more Christmas

January 22, 2014

Our Christmas was very different this year...

My mom wasn't there, Jane was still in the hospital and Debbie was still taking baby steps since  her brain surgery and TBI  in August. The day was  good, Deb was home and we got to spend time with her. But the sad part is, Deb doesn't remember a bit of it, therefore she thinks we never celebrated Christmas.





 Some of my favorite pictures from our day she has seen and knows she was there, but doesn't remember a thing and even soon after seeing the pictures asks the next person she sees if they are ready for Christmas.

We have all repeatedly told her that Christmas has passed and she's even noticed some peoples reactions when she asks them about their christmas planning... yet like a broken record goes back to the previous thoughts.

This weekend Gordon and the boys will celebrate one more Christmas with Deb and then she will help take down decorations and hopefully start moving towards the next holiday she enjoys.

At times when I'm out with Deb I want to speak up and tell people all she has been through so that they understand her actions but I don't, realizing there are probably many people struggling from something that we don't see on the outside and maybe its just me that needs reminding.


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