One month

June 10, 2014

Grief comes in waves...

    Things don't hit you all at once...

        It is the way for your body and mind to absorb it in little pieces...


It has been 30 days since we lost Jane, the laughter still rings in my ears, tho it seems faint. Her smile still glows bright enough in my mind, to light a room and, her humor can still make the most confident person blush...

I know she is with us, especially when we call for her. She is there with the right words, or laughter that gets us through another moment. No matter what her situation was, she was always asking about my sister and Gordon, she always put herself behind anyone else's struggles and I always admired her and tried to remind her that I wanted to talk about her and how she was feeling.... but she would swing her fingers in a circle and be like no big deal...

I never regreted any trip she took with us, in fact I am thankful for them all. Our most recent was the trip to New Orleans, Destin and Nashville.  They were some of the best memories we created with her.

We were suprised how much she liked New Orleans, and she was just so happy. On our riverboat cruise she kept telling us how much she was enjoying this trip. Once she mentioned this is probably going to be my last vacation.  She looked so healthy then, I didn't imagine it to be the last.... it was...


Picking up a voo doo doll in New Orleans, she kept me laughing with all her ideas


Going to Destin for family pictures at the beach turned out to be another priceless event, God really does know what he's doing and what we will need during these rough times



 Just one year ago she was grabbing random strangers in a honky tonk bar to dance while we all laughed along with her.


She loved life no matter what was happening and was such a teacher for us all, we just have to remember what would Jane do...


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