On the bright side...

January 14, 2014

 Had a whole day of awesome with Debbie and just have to share the postive steps in her journey.


 When I arrived to pick her up she was ready to head out the door on an adventure. Our first stop was Corkscrew Saloon where we met up with a dear friend Kim for lunch. It was a great time to catch up since Kim hasn't seen Debbie since before the surgery. Deb was eager to talk about upcoming girlfriend plans, including Kim's girlfriend Valentine party.

I heard Deb order a burger, but none of the specifics. When the burger arrived she pointed out that the cheese was white and she had ordered cheddar, when the waitress came back by I questioned Deb's order and found out it was a white cheddar. I was more thrilled that Deb remembered what she ordered and that it seemed wrong when it arrived!

After a great visit with Kim we had some time to spare and decided to stop in JoAnn Fabrics to check out some Valentine crafts. Deb still thinks she missed Christmas and that it is coming soon, and I try and show her we are past Christmas and help her notice Valentines Day is approaching to keep her moving in a positive direction. Most things have to be repeated several times for days and sometimes weeks.

She is teaching us by spelling the words she cannot pronounce or say and it is amazing to see how the brain is repairing itself as we continue with these baby steps moving towards a better future for Deb.

Next we were off to Vita Bella  where Deb was schedule for a cut and color and manicure. Chelsea and and Anthony stopped by before heading out and she enjoyed joking with them both! Her sense of humor is awesome!




Sara is always so great with Deb and she looked great after her spa day and enjoyed every bit of it. While we did have a few moments where she questioned if the boys or Gordon had just left, I just reminded her that they had not been there.

On our way home we decided to stop at Hobby Lobby. As we talked of what crafts she could make for the Valentine party she said "I think a Pucid would be great to hang from the bottom" - I kept trying to figure out what she was saying and finally she gestured with the shooting of an arrow and I realized she was trying to say CUPID! I just LOVE how she figures out how to communicate with us when she knows what she is trying to say but can't find the right word!

The next step in this journey will be scheduling all her therapies and the beginning stages of the radiation planning. We pray that this does not cause Deb any set backs...


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