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April 5, 2011

One little word - Challenge

One little word captured - week 14


and I'm not talking about the hills...

So here I am after over a year of running. Pushing myself further than I ever thought possible and recently on two different runs I wasn't feeling it. I pushed through, but I wasn't feeling it from beginning to end.  And I've signed up for a full marathon this year?  How am I going to do this if these 6-10 mile runs are getting to me?

Although there may have been a little pep talk in the middle of my run that kept me going for a bit - it definitely was a struggle, and why? What am I doing differently from one run to the next?  How does one seem so invigorating that I can't remove the smile from my face and the next feel like its going to bring me to tears?

I'm trying not to psyche myself out, to research and find out that this is normal for runners and it doesn't mean I won't be feeling that euphoria again soon


and so I've decided to dig a little deeper.  Come up with a food journal of what and when I eat things as well as a running log next to it to see if this correlates with how I feel? Like all those jellybeans? They probably didn't help how I felt? I'm going to make a doctor appointment and get a physical and I think I'm in need of new running shoes again too.

We have another race coming up this weekend, a 10 mile race and while this week I'm going to do my best to eat well and prepare for the race, after this race I'm going to make some changes for 6 weeks and see where they lead me  besides for right up to the Rite Aid Cleveland half marathon.  

my before picture

My plan is to do weekly posts of my changes and the "ups and downs" of these changes, fine tuning along the way.

Goals of the 6 week challenge

  • feeling better when I run
  • those blasted last few pounds that keep hanging around, literally
  • building muscle (mostly in my arms, but also my core strength)
  • getting faster and stronger
  • Two a days whenever possible

You can find more projects with ONE LITTLE WORD CAPTURED ON JILLS BLOG



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