OLW captured - week 3

January 17, 2011

Ahhh here I am again, documenting my word and how I am striving at making it a part of my year. It seems that not everything goes according to plan and even the littlest things can become a challenge.

Usually on the days I plan to run I have a number in my head before I leave the house,  a minimum I want to achieve.  If I'm feeling really good the number may be higher.  If I'm itching to try out a new playlist or if I ran recently the run might include hills or speed.

For Saturday's run I forgot my Nike tracker and ran 8 miles, I had 10 miles in my head but not enough time so I decided on Sunday I would run my long run... thinking at least 10 miles!  

So before leaving the house I go through my checklist... water, yes, ipod, yes, NIKE tracker, yep, towel, phone, yep, yep....

get to the gym wearing my Uggs only to realize that I had forgotten my shoes!


I could have wasted the morning and not done anything, but I decided since I had run the day before this was just a reminder to do something different.

So for 40 minutes I climbed on the stairmaster in my socks and went 175 floors... phew now that was a challenge!

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