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April 1, 2011

One little word - Challenge

Joining in on the fun and inspiration of the One little word blog hop was a CHALLENGE in itself for me this month.  It seems I just get to the previous months projects and a new month has begun. But alas I will not lose faith and I will continue on this journey as much as it CHALLENGES me throughout the year.

I loved the homework for March, making us get back to business with our word and taking action. Setting one goal to get us drive us in the direction we need to go. With my word being CHALLENGE there were many to face. The little things like losing that last 10 lbs and while I'm still running and working out I definitely haven't been working hard on the weight loss part and as those of us know losing weight is a CHALLENGE.

I did make a list this month and make changes by changing my workout routine to include more than running. Adding more weight lifting and spinning as a part of my regimen each week.

My son is into lifting weights and I am more into running, so this month we shared in each others worlds.  He went running with me and I got to understand a little bit more his love for the weights.


My goal/challenge for this month is to have more of the tasks completed for my album and being more specific in my challenges each month so I can achieve more.

You can find more participants in the One little word blog hop and follow along in their progress. I hope it inspires you as it has inspired me!  You can continue along in this blog hop by heading over to Kimberly's blog here

Here is a list of the participants 

Margie http://xnomads.typepad.com/blog
Amanda http://scrappnbee.blogspot.com
Donna http://donnabryantdurand.blogspot.com
Joy www.undiscoveredjoy.blogspot.com
Jan http://mysimplelittlelife.typepad.com
Jamie http://jmpgirl.blogspot.com/
Nikki http://www.inkyart.com.au
Monica B2 www.questtoperfectimperfection.blogspot.com
Cindy http://seriousplay.typepad.com
Stacey http://www.TheAcornGarden.com/blog
Katrina http://k84mansramblings.blogspot.com/
Rebekah http://istampscrapcraft.blogspot.com/
Monica http://scraplifters.blogspot.com/
Chrissy http://getcraftywithchrissy.blogspot.com/
Jill http://jillconyers.typepad.com/
Lisa http://makeyourownescape.blogspot.com
Kathryn www.katlodesigns.com
Jennifer www.studiojenn.blogspot.com
Jen www.byjen.com
Sam http://learncreatedo.wordpress.com/
Miranda http://mirandasscrapsite.blogspot.com
Lynn www.crafty-creativity.blogspot.com
Cynthia http://paperpapereverywhere.blogspot.com/
Cheri A http://cheriandrews.blogspot.com
Deb http://blakleyhomeplace.blogspot.com
Nicky www.seejanebake.blogspot.com
Karen D http://womenontractors.blogspot.com/
Tina http://ryzmomplus2.typepad.com/my_weblog/
Kimberly http://foreverdaisies.blogspot.com/
Abbey http://athomewiththerichardsfamily.blogspot.com/
Julie Ann http://julieannshahin2.blogspot.com

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