Old movies

August 18, 2008

Recently when cleaning out the closet in the Den we came across some old VHS movies.  They were buried in the back and we hadn't watched them in forever!  While our video player is on its last leg, I thought it best to have these videos made into DVD's.

Just over a week later they called me and I picked them up.  At the time when I took them in I hadn't even asked the cost or thought to drop off a few at a time so when they told me the total was $170 I was a bit shocked, but then glad I just got them all done at once.

Last night Joel and I put one of the DVD's in to see how it played.  Mind you all these VHS boxes had nothing written on them so we had no idea what we were watching. 

Chel and Rye in  tubThe DVD we watched last night was Chelsea's 2nd birthday and a bunch of time's when the kids took a bath.

The first time I saw Ryan the tears were coming down so quickly I couldn't see the movie, and to hear his sweet little voice...no words can describe.  And probably with Chelsea at college and missing her so much it wasn't the best idea to put these movies in.

Watching these two I laughed and cried.  Chelsea was singing her ABC's and one of her favorite songs was from Sharon, Lois and Bram, and she was only two. And Ryan sang so many songs and told stories. So glad for these videos as the first one we watched was worth the entire $170 that I paid!

Joel and I sat there remembering these days years ago when bath time was a 1 hour event that included playing, singing and funny hair styles. It was less than a year we had left with Ryan and we didn't even know it.

It was a reminder that we need to get out the video camera more often since now we barely take any videos.  Thank goodness we did back then...


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