No regrets

August 10, 2014

In a world that feels like everyone is out for themselves, I have found myself purely by accident, in a role of caregiver to many. How does one get this position in life?


With Jane, it started out simply to help my mother in law through the struggles of her cancer, letting her know there would always be someone by her side. And looking back, how blessed was I to get to spend all that time with her.  Our drives to and from the hospital, were if you knew Jane, mostly comical. Whether it was telling tales of times we shared together years ago and laughing through them, or more recent blunders of her own, it was never a quiet ride!

Jane was never afraid to admit she had done something wrong, laugh at herself or be the butt of jokes, but if you crossed her... well only a few ever saw that side of Jane.


For years she shared funny stories with us during the time she worked at Hinckley Beverage. She would ask customers "if they wanted their nuts in a bag" when bagging their groceries, and on another occassion told them "she couldn't get the sticker off their nuts" always laughing her way through many other innocent slip ups.


She was not afraid to tell you whether she had liked something or hated it, if it was your newest remodeling project or a hair cut, she told it like she felt it! She was very incredulous when we painted our kitchen cabinets black, but not reluctant to admit she loved the project once it was done.


She even made her last days special, telling funny jokes, teasing and laughing with us all. I remember her telling me, "everyone is here until a certain day, but only I know that day", at the time I didn't realize what she was telling me...

She was my biggest advocate, and I hers. She would do anything for me, as would I for her and we shared everything with one another. She was always the mother I needed for advice, especially when mine was "not capable." And she never sugar coated anything, if you were wrong, you knew it!


For years Jane and I would share a cup of coffee together, she always made mine and one day when out ordering coffee I was asked "cream and sugar" to which I replied yes, to which Jane replied "no you don't" - each time she made me coffee, she put less sugar in until I no longer took sugar in my coffee, and I still don't today!


Jane masked a lot of her hurt with laughter and said I'd rather laugh about it then cry. Reminding me during those tough times in life to remember to find the laughter and share it with others, even when it is laughing at yourself. 


So this morning as I grab my coffee, with cream no sugar, I will think of Jane and all the great memories she left with us....


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