New Orleans

February 14, 2012

Last summer we started getting information in the mail about the rental show being held in New Orleans this year. As soon as Joel mentioned possibly going, I was all over it... checking out hotels and signing us up for the rental show, as well as learning about the sites and sounds in New Orleans.


From the momemt we arrived I was in awe, the city was everything and MORE than I expected! The architecture in the buildings and all the little gingerbread details, as well as the alleyways that led to unexpected treasures! A place we are already planning on visiting again!


We walked EVERYWHERE, including down Bourban Street and quickly learned that New Orleans has an open container law. As long as its in a plastic container, you can walk the streets of New Orleans with your favorite alcoholic beverage.  We did this on our first night there and I guess you could say I over indulged a bit, and didn't drink much the rest of the trip!


The people in New Orleans are extremely friendly, at one point we saw an alley of a house, the couple was just heading out to leave, when I gasped in awe at the site, the women invited us in and proceeded to show us her entire house!


We tried some of the local cuisine including aligator bites, which while I did like them, I just couldn't wrap my head around eating them, so Joel got most of those! But sitting in the outdoor restaurants was a site to behold


The nightlife on Bourbon Street and many of the others in New Orleans is always fun and upbeat. Never feeling awkward or extreme, it was fun watching everyone interact as we walked down the streets which are blocked from cars in the evening.


Including the street artists, which were just as incredible as the city itself!

And then there was Lafayette cemetary! As soon as we pulled up i was enthralled with the site and couldn't wait to get out and take pictures! It was beautiful and eerie at the same time, a site that has to be seen to be appreciated and a place that I recognized from movies like Double Jeopardy. In fact, after seeing that movie, I knew I wanted to see New Orleans one day!




What an amazing city....


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