My first of 12 half marathons for 2012

March 2, 2012


Finally the stars aligned and everything worked in order for me to run my first half marathon of 2012, although Chelsea was unable to do it with me, it was a beautiful and challenging race to be sure!


Once we found the start Chelsea told me she wanted a jumping picture, the guys at the start just shurgged and said, "ya gotta do it now", so I did... and needless to say, I love the picture!  Chelsea, Ben and my mom had to leave the area, since they didn't know which roads would be closed off, and I was left on my own to stretch and prepare for the race.

Having my playlist ready on my ipod, once I hit play it fits perfectly in my ifitness belt. I cannot say enough about this belt, in fact I have two of them.  One that I keep with water bottles and one that is just for essentials in the zip pocket. The fact that the bib attaches to the bottom is one of my favorite things about the belt!  No more safety pins! And I just love how once I put it on, it stays in place on my hips!

Williamsburg race

finally a race photo I kinda like!

Since always having short hair, I've never done much with it for a race, but recently I tried out the Chica bands, and while I'm letting my hair grow out they've become more of a necessity. They are the best! Once you put them on, they stay put! I'm so thankful for these tiny things that make a big difference in a girls run!

As for the race, I couldn't have picked better weather if I had a choice! The sun was shining and the temperature was perfect between 45-50! The course itself had a lot of hills and I mean A LOT of hills, but this time I took each one as a personal challenge and pushed through them, all the while keeping my head up and enjoying the beautiful scenery as I ran through Williamsburg Virginia. I remember thinking, I need to enjoy this and just look at how beautiful it is! It was probably my best attitude I've ever carried in a race, and I'm sure it made a difference! 


At mile 10 I was at 1:45 and I thought a 2:14 finish wasn't out of the question.  I pushed it when I could, but the hills just didn't seem to end, and they really did slow my pace. My best race ever was the Air Force half at 2:11:25, but I must say I'm proud of my 2:17:52 for this race. With all those hills, and my first half of 2012 there's always room for improvement!

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