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January 3, 2008

Found this over at Balzer Designs blog


1. How did you get into scrapbooking? (or card making, paper crafting, etc.) My sister told me about her doing some Creative Memories scrapbooking and I was mildly interested.  Then I saw some of my cousins books and it made me realize I need to preserve my pictures of Ryan, and remember the days with Chelsea and Zach
2. What is your creative process?  Depending whether I'm using a kit or just got inspired by recent pictures.  If its a kit, I look at the paper and embellishments and find the pictures that seem to reflect that mood.  If its the pictures - I usually look for the colors to go with the pictures.

3. Why do you create?  Preserve memories, creative outlet, fun way to spend time with friends. 

4. What is your favorite thing to do? Mini books, lots of photos on a page, crafts

5. Do you have any favorite manufacturers? 7 gypsies, Scenic Route, Basic Grey, Making Memories

6. What is currently your most favorite thing you have created? My acrylic mini book with my Work in Progress Kit 

7. How has your style evolved?  I've gone from lots on a page to more simple pages - though I still think I'm evolving

8. What do you think of how the scrapbook and paper crafts industry has boomed over the last few years? (OVER 2 Billion, a recent study released!) Too many changes... just when I get into something its gone!



1. Name  Tina

2. Favorite color Pink

3. You have just won a $100.00 shopping spree to your favorite LSS. You have 15 minutes to use it. What do you get?  Right now it would be the entire Noteworthy line from Making Memories

4. It's your lucky day! You have just won another shopping spree! $1000! To Bass Pro Shops. What do you do with it?  Yikes - give it to my hubby!

5. What is your Star Wars name? (First three letters of your 1st name, first two letters of your last name...) tinza

6. Your favorite band is doing a reunion tour, and they are coming to YOUR town...the last stop on their LAST TOUR ever. Your best friend has gifted you with tickets...front row, center stage, PLUS backstage passes! Your one chance to meet your idols. THEN....Lisa Bearnson calls and wants you to be her guest at an event. All expenses paid, lots of prizes. Pretty much a once in a lifetime chance. WHAT DO YOU DO? Sorry, if its U2 or Matchbox 20 - I'm there...

7. You are stranded in a hotel conference room with 10 people who want to learn how to scrapbook. They are all men, ranging in age from 35-80. What do you do? Call Trish

8. The Burger King King or Ronald McDonald?  Eek... neither!


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