Mom tell me about Grandpa

April 11, 2010

Chelsea has to do a 7 minute speech at school.  She has to pay tribute to someone and she decided to do it about grandpa.

Today we met with Grandma to discuss memories that she has of grandpa and together we will help her understand who this man she only got to know for 8 years was.


We talked about his childhood, raised as a Catholic and served as an altar boy for many years. Joined the service at 17 years of age and had 5 kids by the age of 25! How he was almost sent to Vietnam and at the last minute he got papers to go to Germany instead where he was used in intelligence... 


He was started his own business around the time I was in 10th grade and called it MDF - it stood for Molds, Dies and Fixtures, but I always joked that it stood for My dad's factory.  He loved what he did for a living! Today the business is still going with only one of the original 3 partners he began with.


He lost his father at a young age and stepped in when his younger sister got married.

He always told us "knowledge is power" and proved it in the way he led his life.  He was as honest as they come.  If it wasn't the right thing to do, he didn't do it!

And while I enjoyed spending all the time talking about him... it just made me miss him more!



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