September 25, 2009

Yesterday my sister and I made a trip to Michigan to visit our friends there.  We had a great day, we always do when with our friends.  But this day was bittersweet too.

Before making our way into Debbie's store we stopped off at Scraptales to pick up a few necessities... ha ha


After we left there we headed over to Debbie's store to meet up with her and Brenda.



We had lunch at Carl and Louie's, we did some shopping throughout Brighton and then headed back to Brenda's house.  Before we left for home we all headed into Novi Michigan to visit our friend Linda.

Linda and I hit it off on the day we met probably almost 10 years ago now.  She had lost a son Ryan, as did I.  Her husband had a brain aneurysm, as did my brother.  But for Linda the list kept going on, so many struggles and battles she would go through in her life, and she continues to go through them today.

Last January she was taken to the hospital with stroke like symptoms and since then has been through major surgery and endless complications.  It has been 9 months and she is still recovering in a nursing home and has a LONG road  ahead of her!

Things like these make me question so many things about life, about my life and those around me.  I truly am blessed with an amazing group of friends who look out for one another and celebrate our victories in life and cry with us during defeat.  

And that's what I want to be surrounded by and continue to share with my kids, finding those real friends.  Like Brene Brown says "the ones that would help you move a body" Those friends that will be there with you through everything in life the good and the bad the happy and the sad and never stand in judgement.

And through lots of life experience, reading and learning I know that a happy, self confident person does not put others down, the fact that when they are out to criticize you, tells more about them than you.  

When people act like this it reveals just how unhappy, disillusioned and frustrated they are in their lives own lives and it is their problem, not yours.  If you know it has more to do with the person making the comments then you, it makes it easier to not feel hurt by what has been said.  These people want you to feel bad about yourself, don't give them that power!

So how did I get off on such a tiraid... I'm not sure...  But I do know that life is just too short for some of these petty things that people inflict on one another.

Go out and enjoy your day!


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