Memorial Weekend

May 26, 2008

Spent a good part of the holiday weekend camping.  Joel and Zach went out on Friday night while Chelsea and I didn't go out until Saturday afternoon after she finished work.

9 May 08It was nice having Friday night home to be able to finish up some projects and yet have Joel and Zach get down there and get things set up.  They enjoy the time they get to spend before the whole gang shows up.

It was the usual crowd this weekend and while we didn't go for a bike ride, Chelsea and I went for a couple of pretty good hikes.  She even jogged up this giant hill while I walked behind taking pictures. 

One of the nice things about camping is it is something we can bring the dog along with us. All of the families that go with us camping bring their dogs. Shaggy has a good time and is always friendly with all the other people.  

A couple times we went out on family walks with the dog and when you get this dog near water you can plan on him wanting to swim.

25 May 08 3 May 08

Joel and Zach did some fishing and I read my book while watching them and taking pictures. Chelsea and Ben stayed back at the campsite and played corn hole with Scott and Mark.

37 May 0815 May 08

David was the only one to catch a fish!

38 May 08 21 May 08 29 May 08

So the weekend included karaoke, a band, fishing, walks, some wild looking campers and campsites, too much food, lots of laughs and reading two books to add to my list of 100 books for 2008.


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