Meet Ray

July 17, 2011

Stranger #6

I know you've seen him before... but we hadn't formerly met and we had some good conversation on this day and that's the most important part... isn't it?


he's the adorable farmer up the road, and we are standing in the rain with asparagus for a buck a bundle talking about farming and how long he's been doing it.

Ray says he's been farming all his life, "as far back as he can remember" were his words.  His parents had a farm and then he and his brother took over the farm and now he shares some land with his brother that they farm together. Of course he also has some of his own land that he takes care of.  And he loves every minute of it!

He's always happy, he's always wearing his suspenders and a long sleeve shirt and you will always find him tinkering with something on the farm.  Well, almost always!

He sells strawberries (you pick em) for $1 a pint, asparagus for $1 a bunch and if you catch them before they are gone, raspberries.

This man is always smiling, always happy and he makes me happy just seeing him!




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