Meet our friend up the road

July 9, 2011

Stranger #4

asked not to be photographed

     I did it; I stepped out of my comfort zone and stopped to visit the man up the road.  Everyday as we drive past his house he is sitting out front just watching the traffic go by.  The kids and I always comment on how we love this man, he reminds us to slow down in life and so today I slowed down and pulled in. I had just come from working out so I wasn’t looking my best, but I knew if I didn’t stop now, I would find another excuse not to stop later.

     He looked at me inquisitively as I walked toward him as he sat there in his plastic chair on his front lawn.  I introduced myself and told him I live up the road and while I was sharing who I was he pulled the chair next to him up and invited me to sit.

     I began with a basics introduction of myself and asked about him.  He’s a quiet older man, quite reserved with a hearty laugh. He didn’t want his picture taken but enjoyed the conversation.  He had a stroke 20 years previous so his right side of his body did not work well and the left side of his brain also suffered, although from our conversation I could not tell.  His wife had left him after the stroke and has since passed away.  He has three grown children, two in Ohio area and one in Indiana.  He fought during wartime with the U.S. Air Force serving four-years and was glad to get out.

     He asked a lot about me, why I wanted to put myself out there and learn about other people, about my kids, my husband.  Funny, I’m not sure why I want to put myself out there.  I guess it’s a part of finding a connection with those around us.  He liked my answer and enjoyed our conversation. 

      He said I wish more people stopped to talk but we are all rushing through our days trying to fit everything in.



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