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October 17, 2008

Secrets Revealed

My friend Jill tagged me with My 6 Secrets.

  1. I was in David Copperfields magic show, met him back stage and never divulged to anyone how the illusion was done.
  2. I love watching The Biggest Loser and cheering on the contestants
  3. I hate seafood - HATE IT!
  4. I'm addicted to FACEBOOK
  5. I had turtle soup - it was a secret even to me until after I ate it!
  6. I have been known to worry myself sick when it comes to my kids!

This was tough, but fun - I'd love to know some secrets of others.  And I'd like to tag Sarah, Rose, Beth and Toni

Always so much to do, even on those quiet weeks when there is nothing marked on the calendar!  Finally got my computer back so I'm hoping to finish a couple printing projects and of course get caught up with my online classes!

Then I got my hands on the upcoming November kit from Work in Progress, my plan is to play this weekend with some ideas I have with this kit.

image image


Looking forward to the upcoming Chicago trip and then our Bertram Inn crop!  It will be a nice get away with the girls!

  • Ordered tickets for Jersey Boys, Chicago
  • make hotel reservations


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