Making a plan

October 30, 2014

I mostly run for fun... I really do, I enjoy running, I enjoy the therapy while I am running, and I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when done. 


Last Saturday I ran the PAWS FOR THE CAUSE 5k. The night before I told my husband no wine for me, I plan to run as hard as I can tomorrow with no regrets. Many times when running a race I don't push myself and then regret wondering if I could have done better. Joel dropped me off early, giving me plenty of time to get registered, hydrate, and warm up before the start.


Excited to run and establishing a vision...

Before I began running I closed my eyes and imagined my goal, the thought to cross in 27 minutes came to mind, even though I have never finished a 5k in 27 minutes? So when I crossed and the clock said 27:04 I was shocked, surprised, pleased and oh so proud!


During the race I ran hard, listening to the timers shouting out pace times as I passed, mile one 8:13, thrilled I kept pushing on. Although the final hill induced panic when I felt like I was going to have an asthma attack, slowing my pace though still not ready to give up.

I finished the race and left for breakfast with my family. Although I felt good about my time, it never crossed my mind that I might have placed.


What an awesome surprise to confirm my time and discover my winning 2nd place for my age group out of 58 women!


You are never to old to push yourself harder, reach for something you never dreamed of. While this was only a 5k, its power was tremendous!



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