Lunch with friends

November 6, 2007

Today just seemed to blow by - as does every day anymore.  I went into work for a couple hours and ended up leaving by 12:30 to meet some girlfriends for lunch today at House of Hunan.  {luckily I work for my husband} Once we finished there I had to pick Zach up from school and we ran some errands.

Part of those errands were running to the store to get some pictures copied for this weekends crop.  I found some older ones and  I had this idea to do a page about Joel and title it THIS IS YOUR DAD  as a boyfriend, as a husband, as a father and use different pictures through different ages.  I know what I'm thinking in my head... we'll just see if I can get it on paper?

Found some old pictures to use with my Christmas Work in Progress kit also for this weekend.  Wow, its amazing to see just how many years have gone by.  Here is Chel and Shawn on Santa's lap.  And Santa of course was Gordon whom we just celebrated with last night.



Here's Shawn and Chelsea in May of this year


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