Lots to do

August 20, 2008

It seems lately I go from nothing to everything at once that needs to be done.  Or maybe its just I put things off until they HAVE to be done.  Either way there's a lot on my plate right now!

For starters I got my gorgeous Work in Progress kit to play with and when I saw there was a mini book with the project kit, I knew I had to get it.   So I've been working with that mini book on a project close to my heart right now.  It's about Chelsea and how "time flies".  I thought I would post a couple pictures until my home computer decided to start giving me problems and wouldn't allow me to do that? (hence my posting from work...)

I'm also working on some finishing touches  for an ATC swap I signed up for a while back and the girls that have completed there's already totally blow me away!

In between this we are:

  • looking to trade my car in for another Trailblazer of course
  • hoping to go see Chelsea tonight at a local competition
  • back into card club which started last night
  • back to school shopping for Zach
  • busy at work
  • and still busy missing Chel

Also be sure to check out the Work in Progress blog celebrating a 1 year birthday and there's a give away!


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