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March 25, 2008

One of the things I love about Lost, well besides the obvious! Is I crack up to all Sawyers nicknames for everyone!  Check them out here and here

Since last Thursday was the last episode for a while I thought I'd put together something to hold me over.

Here are some of Sawyers names for the cast 

Boone: Metro, Son
Hurley: Lardo, Pork Pie, Stay Puff, Pillsbury, Jabba, Hoss, Jethro
Jack: Hero, Doctor/Doc, JackO, St. Jack, Jack-Ass, Chico, Cowboy, Dr. Quinn, Dr. DoRight, Sherriff, Brother, Hoss, El Jacko
Kate: Freckles, Sweetheart, Belle of the Ball, Sherriff, Baby, Sassafras, Boar Expert, the Mighty Huntress, Hon, Girl, The Lady, Woman, Sweet Cheeks, Puddin', Sheena
Sayid: Abdul, Al Jazeera, Omar, Captain Falafel, Muhammed, Boss, Ali, Arab, Abu, Genius, Sheik, Buddy, "the terrorist", Chief, Gen-u-ine I-raqi
Shannon: Sticks, Sweetcheeks
Charlie: Sport, Amigo, Rock God, VH1 has-been, Limey runt, Chucky
Walt: Tattoo, Short Round, Kid, Kazoo
Jin: Mr. Miyagi, Bruce, Chief, Cato, Sulu, Boy, Chewie
Sun: Betty, Tokyo Rose
Michael: Daddy, Boss, Pilot, Chief, Mikey, Han, Hoss
Claire: Mamacita, Missy Claire
Ana Lucia: Sweetcheeks, Sister, Cupcake, Rambina, Hot Lips, Bitch, Ponce de Leon, Ana Lulu
Mr. Eko: Shaft, Mr. Ed
Locke: Mr. Clean, Daniel Boone, Gandhi (indirectly), Hoss
Baby: Baby Huey
Ethan: Jungle Boy
Bartender: Slim
Policeman in Australia: Doctor
Places: Jungle of Mystery, Cave-town, Bear Village, Magic Forest, Rock
"The Others" - Pirates, Bluebeard, Fishermen, Zeke
Cassidy: Cass, Cassie, Baby, Dimples
Nicknames for Sawyer:
Chainsmoking Jacka-s-s (Hurley)
Redneck Jerk (Hurley)
Hick (Boone, Ana Lucia)
Jackass (Boone)
Jethro (Hurley)
Southern pervert (Kate)
Sawbucks (Hibbs)
Bastard (Charlie)
Cowboy (Jack's Dad, Christian and Ana Lucia)
Hillbilly (Dr. Arzt)
Blight, Stain, Scavenger (Policeman in Australia)
Redneck (Libby, Michael)
Genius (Ana-Lucia)
Pack rat (Kate)
Tex (Kate - in a deleted scene, Con man)


Now you can come up with your own Sawyer given name here

Mine is Twiggy


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