February 5, 2009

I found this on the site Rocks in my dryer and loved how she summed up last nights episode of LOST.

**SPOILER ALERT!  If you don't want to know what happens, don't read any further.**

LostOh, what a night.  Sun appears to be growing increasingly cynical, opening the show by unwrapping a mysterious package containing a gun.  (I used great restraint in not calling this post "Sun Of a Gun."  You're welcome for that.)  Last week several of you speculated that Sun has turned to the dark side, and I think you may be right.  I had a horrible, sinking feeling that she might take off with Aaron; thank goodness that didn't happen.

Speaking of Aaron, he remains a key little figure, doesn't it?   I am puzzled that Claire's mother was brought back into the episode tonight--was that a red herring, or does she somehow fit into all this more substantially?  Am I the only one who thinks she looks a lot like Penny Widmore?  Could there be a connection there?

My favorite scene of the night was Sayid's spectacular maneuver out of the hospital bed when Creepy Stranger tried to shoot him.  I love everything Sayid does, and I wish his storyline got more play.

Sawyer, it appears, it going soft on us.  The scene where he saw Kate and Claire in the jungle was positively lovely, and he turned right around and unburdened his soul to Juliet.  I don't know quite what to make of a nice Sawyer.  It kind of makes my nose bleed.

I am intrigued at the notion that Sawyer, Juliet & Co. might run into an earlier version of themselves on the island.  I suppose it's not likely (otherwise they would remember it, wouldn't they?)  What would happen if a character ran into himself or herself in the past?  Talk about a bloody nose. 

(Along the same lines, here's an interesting theory I just saw on the message boards:  what if the shooters in the boat were the Oceanic 6?  What if Kate, Jack & Co. were headed back to the island and shot at Sawyer, Juliet & Co. in the future?  Mind-boggling.)

It was Back-From-the-Dead Night at the end, with both Jin and Danielle reappearing.  I'm so glad to see Jin survived, and I'll be interested to hear if we learn anymore about why Danielle was on the island.  Who sent her? 

I missed the Desmond/Mrs. Hawking storyline tonight.  I'm also really curious about the Christian Shephered storyline (is he or isn't he alive, and what's his tie in with all this?)  What storylines are you hoping get revisited in coming weeks?

Best line of the night:  (by Sawyer, at the boats)  "Who came in these?  Other Others?" 


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