Looking forward

March 7, 2008

to my weekend away.  I hope to get lots accomplished and I sure did pack enough pictures to last me a looong time! 

We are supposed to get some bad weather today we might try to leave even earlier.  I got an email that they will try and get the hotel rooms ready for an earlier arrival so we can avoid driving in the storm. 

Last night we went to dinner at Shinto's Japanese steakhouse for Chels birthday.  It's a place where they cook it front of you.  We had an entertaining cook and the meal was awesome!


We were all impressed on how well Zach could use the chopsticks.  He ate his whole meal with them.





13_thumb.jpg 14_thumb.jpg

Also for Chelsea's birthday she went and got a tattoo.  She has been talking about one for quite a while and she and Shawn were even going to check while we were in Florida about getting one.

Her plan was to get the Genie from Aladdin  Since it was Ryan's favorite movie and have him holding Ryan's nameWhen we went to the place and showed the drawing he said it would have to be so huge in order to get his face on their so we opted for something else.



This is what she ended up getting though the color isn't all there yet.  I guess the wings will turn white over days.


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