Letting go

February 26, 2014

I thought it was time I did an update on Deb with so much new and yet much still the same.

Last week we got to spend the week with our cousin Lisa from California, she came in to visit and help where she could, her visit was therapy for both Deb and I! more on that visit in another post...


Deb has been making strides in a positive direction on many levels, and yet some things have declined or not shown any improvement. Currently we are unclear what affects the radiation is having on her progress. There are days she remembers things I didn't expect her to, and others where the same questions are asked repeatedly. baby steps


She still constantly makes us laugh, but has little patience with waiting at doctors appointments, traffic and with herself. She thinks she drove her car and is mad when she can't find her keys. As much as I remind her, she is still stuck on the missing keys. She also confuses her age, the kids age and still is confused by all the loss in our family. baby steps

What I'm most excited about is her recent growth...

On Monday she began her trips to radiation taking the Cleveland Clinic van to and from a specific drop off spot. Like a new mother sending her child to school, I traveled along with her on Monday and Gordon took the Tuesday route to see how she would handle things.

On my Monday trip I was disappointed with the lack of information given to Deb throughout her day to help prepare her for this journey on her own. As many of you who know me, know that I am not the outspoken of the siblings, that was usually up to Deb.  However, with all Deb has gone through I have found my voice when I'm not happy with the care or consideration she is receiving.

On Tuesday Gordon met with her scheduled driver who had been off on Monday and things seemed to run a lot smoother, but I still thought on Wednesday I would ride down with her one more time to make sure all was well.

After talking to Gordon, before the van arrived, he asked that I let Deb do this on her own. We have to see if she is going to be able to do this... and so, like an over protective mother letting her child go on his first day of school, I cried when the van and Deb pulled away leaving me standing by my car.

But Gordon has been right all along, and was right again here! Before I knew it, Deb was calling me to let me know they were on their way back!

She did it!

I met up with her driver Theresa and Deb at a sub shop, she wanted to get Deb lunch and the two of them were cracking up when I came through the door! I thanked Theresa and realized quickly she loved her job, and loved helping Deb on this journey and for that I am grateful!






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