Let the sunshine into your life...

December 14, 2014

Life is full of many despairing concerns, those unwanted things discovered by watching the evening news. Often there is a glimmer of light surrounding us, sometimes we only see the darkness. But if you look hard enough the brightness may move you to tears.

Grief comes in stages, designed to assist as you adjust to the sadness that has come into your life. I remember the cloud I lived in for many seasons. Waking each morning aware that something wasn't right and wondering if it was all a bad dream.


Eventually I knew I couldn't keep dwelling in the sadness, and wanted Ryan live on. I began with preserving every sweet picture I had of him in scrapbooks, after all, all we have left is photos and memories. 

All along, each step I took in a positive light healed me further, as giving to others has a way of doing. I was always thankful for our life with Ryan, thankful for the laughter we shared with this sweet boy and thankful to have so many loving people in my life who helped to hold me up.


We have been a part of the candlelight memorial since it began and tonight our house is aglow with candles as we remember Ryan and all the others who have gone long before their time. 




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