Let me tell you about my day

June 25, 2008

it was mostly uneventful.  A day home doing some paperwork for the business and cleaning up around the house for the first half of the day. 

Then the second half of the day we spent running some errands, dropping Zach off over a friends and Chelsea and I headed out to Trish's for the huge garage sale.  Chelsea thought she could find some cool things for her dorm, so off we went.

We figured it was a nice evening so we would walk through the neighborhood and check out all the sales.  Not thinking, I didn't wear the right shoes to be walking all over and soon after we were already too far from Trish's house but not close to where we were heading my foot started to blister.  Lucky for me, Chelsea decided to switch shoes with me, though her flip flops weren't too much more comfortable, but they were better than what I had... after walking some more she started to get a blister so I took my shoes back and suffered the rest of the way back.

I'm sure you can picture what a sorry sight I was with blisters on my arms (and face) from Poison Ivy to the blisters on my feet now from my shoes.

1Needless to say, we made it back to Trish's and not without some garage sale finds.  The one that Chelsea was most excited about was the  leis we found for her party.  Not many, but its a start and the price was right!




Once I arrived back home I began working on another project I've been wanting to make for a while.  A card holder for Chel's graduation party.  The box is made of wood and I talked to Joel about cutting a hole in the top so cards can go in.

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