September 19, 2010

I did it, I finally purchased my E-reader and decided on the Kindle.  I considered my options for months, actually years.  I wanted a kindle when they first came out, and then over time so many other options were coming up that I decided to wait it out.

Then came the ipad and a serious debate began.  The ipad is so much more than an e-reader and can even download kindle books, but the things that finally helped me make up my mind were the following:


  1. Price - the kindle is so much easier on the wallet!
  2. Dictionary - the ability to look up words and find definition while reading
  3. Highlight - the ability to highlight a favorite quote or section to come back to later
  4. write notes - the fact that I really do have some books that I've stared or highlighted or underlined sections worried me about E-readers, until I read that I can write my own notes with the kindle, kind of like writing in the margin of a book
  5. My bookshelves - my house is being overtaken with books, and while I still will feel the need to get the actual book, I'm looking forward to loading up my kindle with books.
  6. The weight of kindle
  7. Lots of free books at Books on the knob (Thanks Aimeslee!)


Right now I am reading The Pillars of the Earth and so engrossed in it, and have downloaded several classics that I haven't read yet like Pride and Prejudice and more...  in fact I need to get back to some reading now!


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