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October 6, 2008

Wow, what a fun and busy weekend we had, and looks like this week isn't going to slow down any either!

Friday night we began the evening by attending the Buckeye Football game and what a good game it was.  Zach hung out with his friends while I sat with family in the bleachers.  Just before the game ended I headed home and Zach went to spend the night at a friends.

IMG_4993 IMG_5000

IMG_5002 IMG_4997

By Saturday we were getting ready early since we had to leave for the game by 10:30.  The stadium was pretty packed since Kent and Akron are huge rivals.  In between the game starting I got a chance to meet up with Chelsea's coach and captain of her team, along with her good friend Allie.

IMG_5015 IMG_5021

 IMG_5022 IMG_5024a

 IMG_5026 IMG_5047

Once we arrived home from the game... (which Kent ended up losing in double overtime) - it was time for Zach to get ready for Homecoming.  We tried so hard to coordinate all of the cousins getting together before the dance, but with all their different dinner plans it just wasn't going to work!  So needless to say I was disappointed with he lack of pictures with Zach

IMG_5053 IMG_5059

After Zach went to the dance and Chelsea got home from school we headed over to Joel's cousins for the bonfire.  We had a good time over there and both Chelsea and I unknowingly ate TURTLE SOUP!  We weren't told it was that until we had finished our bowl.  Needless to say Chelsea was a little freaked out about it.

IMG_5062 IMG_5068

And to finish out the weekend we headed to the pumpkin patch first thing Sunday morning...

IMG_5079 IMG_5089

 IMG_5094 IMG_5096

IMG_5098a IMG_5106a IMG_5102a


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