In these things, I believe

June 6, 2015

With all the twists and turns in the plots and stories of our lives there are many lessons to be learned, many mistakes to be made and much love to be found... this I believe

Life establishes a path of perpetual change and this course is constantly evolving and reshaping us. Embrace the transition as you become your best self

  1. believing in yourself is the first step
  2. write down your goals
  3. a little ice cream never hurt anyone
  4. walk in the grass barefoot
  5. say what you need to say
  6. find the good in everything
  7. say thank you
  8. watch the sunrise from the beach
  9. spend time with the elderly
  10. if you make a mistake fix it
  11. take a walk by yourself to clear your mind
  12. our biggest mistakes are our best lessons
  13. let your faith control you not your fear
  14. sometimes we stumble right into the next perfect step of our lives
  15. forgiveness is a crucial step in healing yourself
  16. there is a great big world to explore, don't limit yourself
  17. time is the best gift you can give, choose carefully
  18. adventure awaits when you find the right book
  19. a smile is the best thing you can wear
  20. the first cup of coffee in the morning is always the best...
  21. friendship is never hard, its two people believing in the same things and wanting them for the other
  22. do something that scares you
  23. be kind
  24. laugh at yourself
  25. time does make things better
  26. giving is better than receiving
  27. count the stars
  28. don't be afraid to embarrass yourself
  29. there is always something to be grateful for
  30. appreciate the weather, every season has a promise
  31. drink plenty of water
  32. take care of your friends and they will take care of you
  33. remember that listen and silent are the same letters
  34. journal your hopes, dreams and fears
  35. hugs help heartaches
  36. pamper yourself
  37. if you haven't had a facial, get one
  38. relax... this too will pass
  39. enjoy.... this too will pass
  40. find something to believe in
  41. wine always helps
  42. wear your flip flops
  43. burn your candles
  44. running can be fun
  45. no problem is ever bigger than family is
  46. you have to be a friend to have a friend
  47. say yes more often
  48. take care of your body
  49. savor the good things
  50. don't limit yourself with small minded people
  51. give of yourself
  52. random acts of kindness can never be wrong
  53. take a break from social media
  54. find your strengths
  55. your body will go as far as your mind says it can
  56. running is a competition with yourself
  57. quiet your mind
  58. find your inner peace
  59. meditate
  60. sing out loud
  61. complete the hard tasks first, then everything else is easy
  62. witness the love of animals
  63. appreciate nature
  64. the grass isn't always greener
  65. the tough lessons makes us stronger
  66. never hold a grudge
  67. take care of those you love
  68. don't take people for granted
  69. try something new
  70. be the inspiration others need
  71. change is good
  72. love is sweet
  73. you always feel better after exercise
  74. expect more of yourself
  75. be nice to people, especially when they are not nice to you. 
  76. be responsible for your actions
  77. there is always someone to be grateful for
  78. sometimes we need to unravel to discover who we are
  79. take pictures, capture life
  80. invest in yourself
  81. go to school, always be open to learning more
  82. build a puzzle
  83. make a snowman
  84. smell the flowers
  85. visit the zoo
  86. go to the park
  87. find a new skill
  88. always have a hobby
  89. schedule things or they never happen
  90. there are no guarantees
  91. you are not immune to loss
  92. love with all your heart
  93. the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward
  94. live your life
  95. celebrate the milestones
  96. find the magic in everyday
  97. your never too old to start something new
  98. find your sparkle
  99. be a lamp a ladder or a lifeboat
  100. be compassionate to others 


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