I'm so glad your back...

January 12, 2008

My computer that is... 1_thumb%5B2%5D_2.jpgI got to pick it up today and I was thrilled to get it back.  Besides for setting up a backup in my computer (instead of the external one) he apparently didn't like the way I have files inside folders and more folders.  He said I need to clean up my files and come up with a new organization system.  Great...more organizing to do!


Otherwise it was a very productive day.  Chel and I had our class this morning and while it was good, it wasn't as tough as last weeks class (thank goodness!)


I got some cleaning done including washing both my dinning room and kitchen floors, some windows and cleaning the bathroom.  I hope to tackle some more of the housework tomorrow.

I also played downstairs a bit and found my current system of a journaling basket was getting to full, so I switched everything over to a larger basket.  I read in The organized and inspired scrapbooker about the journaling basket and loved the idea.  A place where everything to do with journaling is all contained.  So here is my new location.


I also spent some of my day working more on that Peek a boo book

2_thumb%5B1%5D_2.jpg 3_thumb%5B1%5D_2.jpg 4_thumb_2.jpg

 6_thumb%5B1%5D_1.jpg 7_thumb%5B1%5D_1.jpg8_thumb%5B5%5D_1.jpg5_thumb_2.jpg9_thumb%5B1%5D_1.jpg



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