I'm back from a long weekend

November 11, 2007

of scrapping, relaxing, eating and having fun with friends!

I took my laptop since the hotel promoted wireless Internet, but unfortunately from the basement area where we scrap or from our room there was no connection.  Luckily I was able to complete my ABC's of me before I left and schedule the days for the to post a head of time. 

Wouldn't want to fall off that when I'm so close to finishing up the alphabet!

I love these long weekends to scrap, I just seem to get so much more accomplished than at any other time.  Even though I have a scraproom of my own in my basement there's nothing like being away for a couple days with nothing to do but eat, laugh and scrap!

This year Deb and I were able to go earlier than usual.  So many times in years past we were working at the store and this weekend was also the weekend of the store open house so we couldn't go until after 8pm on Friday.  This time we were there by 5:30 pm getting our stuff unloaded and ready to scrap.

We arrived before Joyce and Jane and Lisa was only able to come on Saturday and had to leave on Sunday so she could take care of her sisters cat who needed an insulin shot.  Lisa arrived at 11am on Saturday and stayed up till 5:30 am on Sunday!!!  She came back to the room to sleep for 3 hours, showered, ate and was  on the road.  I had an entire weekend while she filled one day, and you know what... she got more done than me!  How is that possible?

All and all the weekend was great, but now I'm home and need to tend to this house and unpack all my goods.  I'm hoping to scan and upload some of my pages yet today.


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