I still can't believe I did it and

April 23, 2005

yet it's been 2 years 3 months 2 weeks 4 days and 14 hours since I quit smoking. I know there are plenty of people out there who didn't think I ever would, heck even I didn't think I would. Thanks to my Smoke Free Stats counter I can constantly be rewarded by seeing the actual figures in how long I haven't smoked, how much I haven't smoked and how much money I have saved.

Well techniqually I haven't saved any money since I justify every scrapbooking purchase because of quitting smoking. But I would be spending for both, so it is a savings!
Although I have gained weight (which I'm working on losing) I have gained so many other positive things that keep me away from returning to cigarettes. Here is my top 10

10. I can complete a project without going off to grab that cigarette

9. No more standing in the cold and or rain to have that smoke

8. Food tests better

7. I smell better - in both senses of the word

6. I'm not winded after running a flight of stairs

5. I have not gotten bronchitis or any other ailment in 2 years

4. I've saved over $3700.00 from not buying cigarettes

3. I have not coughed in almost two years!

2. My home is now safer for my kids

1. I feel GREAT!!!!


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