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April 30, 2008

I finished reading the book Five things I can't live without and I really enjoyed it - obviously since I couldn't accomplish much of anything else until this book was done.  Now I'll need to create my list of the 5 things I can't live without?  I picked up Augusten Burroughs new book today also.  A wolf at the table.  I have read most of his books (and while my husband says I have grown up sheltered and naive) reading his books can be quite shocking and eye opening to say the least.

I also went to work out with Chelsea, cleaned up the house a bit and completed another layout with my Work in Progress kit

Today UPS brought me my M & M order for Chelsea.  They look so cute!  Now I can begin working on the favors and at least have something crossed off my list of things to do.

ETA - I ordered the M & M's at My M & M's

5 9 7

Recently I came across this inspirational blog that I find myself checking daily.  One of the many things I noticed that she does is a daily list of things she is grateful for. I thought what a great idea since there HAS to be something in every day that your grateful for,  therefore I'm going to try and make it a part of my daily blogging...

Today I am grateful for the opportunity to work out with Chelsea, enjoy the sunshine and time to finish reading a book I was enjoying.



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