I could not sleep

January 22, 2015

as I listened to the puppy quietly whimper, I decide to get up...

My favorite, absolute favorite part of the day is morning. Savoring that first cup of coffee, so perfect, nudging me to start the day. The quiet house grants me the time desired to open up to the possibilities of the day. Writing in my journal, welcoming the silence, grateful for this peaceful hour. My favorite morning ritual...


A ritual, habit, or a routine, we all have certain patterns that begin our days. A ritual is an embraced part of our day, fully engaging us in our lifes events.  A series of events that tell the story of our life, and instead of feeling obligated we feel motivated. That is what it feels like when you do the things you love, when your day is filled with uplifting thoughts and ideas and the world is filled with endless possiblity.

When hope is drained or briefly buried, how then does one feel optomistic? When the days feel like a duty instead of a celebration, going through the motions to just get through another day?

Positive change occurs when we begin shifting our current patterns and find new inspirational ways to function with gratitude, exercise and daily prayer, etc.


We can also assemble change in life by setting goals and modifiying actions. Change is the only constant in life, many times arriving without our consent. When presented with obstacles, the sooner we accept and learn from them we can relieve ourselves from pain they may bring. By accepting change in our hearts we consider the true blessings which come from it.


Embrace change and welcome the transformations that will occur, while finding the self you resolve to be. We set up limitations of our own, constricting our potential before getting started. There are necessary steps we must take to propel us forward that we sometimes avoid. Start by setting a goal for change in your life, for success you need a plan with the steps required to get you there.


Choosing change is intimidating. Fear is the most powerful deterrent, delaying our decision to step into any transition. The fear of mistakes, being defeated or making the wrong choice often leaves us  frozen. Once we understand there is no wrong and the evolution is necessary to grow, transformation begins to unfold.

But we can never evolve if we don't jump in...



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