I am thankful for...

November 17, 2010

thinking about Ryan lately.  Not that he's not always on my mind, but most times I have that "It's better to have loved and lost than to not loved at all" attitude.  Not today...

It all started when I found a box in the closet that contained a lot of his artwork from his school days.  In there was a calendar, one that marked the last year of his life.  As I scanned through the months looking for something to stand out, to make sense of it all, nothing did.

There were the usual doctor appointments marked, wedding shower plans for Lisa, 10 year high school reunion, Lisa's wedding, notes to call Natalie; our babysitter and so much more. It made for a bittersweet evening, until I came across this...

This sweet thing was made by Ryan and after picking it up and reading what he was thankful for I finally got to smile! 

I am thankful for..... Nintendo 

Thanks Rye!


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