I am not alone and I am blessed

September 25, 2014

Often I write about all the sadness in my life, caring for family and trying to find balance in my heart. But recently I have seen and been reminded by many of the good in my life.

The kids are now adults and the house is quiet, besides for the usual turmoil caused by a cat whose purpose is to wake the dog by pouncing onto him, or else its the blundering echo you discover is the dog snoring haphazardly on the couch.


Married to a man who reminds me each day how he adores me. Always planning together, trips to a far away place we want to discover, sitting out by a fire sharing a glass of wine as we review the days events, or heading out on the town to relax and unwind, I am blessed.


My children, both grown and busy with life still always enjoying family time together as we plan events, trips or even a family photo, I am blessed. My books and crafts and stacks of journals, a camera always awaiting my grip and vision, and my heart, so filled with hope some days and completely overwhelmed the next, but still I know, I am blessed. 

With dreams and visions, ideas and plans. I have ambitions for life, ready to change directions, continue learning new things and chase my dreams, catching a few along the way, I am blessed.


Friendship in so many areas of my life, I know I am blessed. Women who wrap me in love when I need it most, make me laugh when all I want to do is cry. Reminding me of the strengths that I alone carry, I am blessed.

Contstantly seeking new fitness goals, running has always been a therapy for me, and even on the days when its not my favorite thing I see those that don't have the capacity and know that I am blessed. Recently adding yoga, tasting cross fit and knowing I have the ability to take care of my body, I am blessed.

Life is full of struggles, some beyond our control and some a lesson to propel you forward, conflicts that prepare us to thrive and carry on recognizing the good in our lives, I am blessed.

  Peace and progress


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