How life changes

December 9, 2007

Last night we went to dinner at the Winking Lizzard Restaurant in Brunswick, it just opened recently.  We met Scott and Kelly there for dinner and were going to meet up with Tim and Cheryl after dinner.

While we were sitting at dinner I kept telling Joel to look at the table next to us - that looks like my dad's old business partner.  But then other times he would glance my way, it didn't.  So I was hesitant to go over by him and say hi, but I kept watching to hear or see that one thing that I would know for sure it was him.

My dad died in 1998 and when he began his business when I was in the 10th grade in high school.   It began with 3 other partners and today there is only one living still at the company.  And one that my dad would have made partner when he was alive that is now part owner.  I'm sure he'd be glad about that.

So as I sat there I started recognizing some of the other guys who were employees of my dads.  Finally I got the courage up to walk over and ask if it was him and then began naming the other guys around the table.  They we all as happy to see me, as I them.  And we spent some time catching up on each others lives.

Two of the partners have passed away - my dad being one and of the 3 of them there they had all lost their wives, such a bittersweet moment, such bittersweet memories...


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