How grateful are you?

February 18, 2015

We all forget to observe the world around us, I know even I get distracted...

Despite the cold, did you notice the beauty in the glistening diamonds when the sun dazzles the blankets of snow that mask the scenery. Or remember when traffic is plodding along, at least you can drive. As for that rude person you encounter, just imagine how unhappy they are each day and you will find pity, or sadness, not anger.

We are all guilty of complaining, but often if we stepped back and considered all the blessings that surround us, we would see those complaints fall silent. Often it is not until your life is altered that your soul awakens, expanding your vision for you to consider gratitude as an option. Constant reminders as our guides teach lessons of gratitude each day.


Many times after spending long weekends with my mom, or stressful days with my sister I find myself void of gratitude. Witnessing my mothers struggle for words and my sisters battle with memories can be agonizing. Here is when I need gratitude the most, finding brightness that still exists within the veil of darkness. Gratitude for the childhood memories we once shared from a time not so long ago, gratitude for the little things that happen each day.

My mother cannot remember words, and while her voice was always frail, it is now growing silent. With her inability to ascertain a vocabulary I learned through struggle and frustration to order a meal for her, instead of giving her a menu of overwhelming choices, or helping her with a craft project instead of assuming she can proceed on her own, grateful I can bring her small pieces of joy.

Memory, a daily struggle for Deb, is something most take for granted. Asking a loop of the same questions throughout the day as she struggles to hold onto them. Stuck in the past, where the boys were  small, her battle continues, as those of us who care for her attempt to unlock the part of her brain that is holding her memories hostage. Exhausting to recognize change, with almost 1.5 years posts surgery, we are still repeating the same answers, searching for something to make them stick, while seeking gratitude to get through...


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