Hershey Candy Kiss Roses

January 4, 2008

With Christmas over and Valentine's Day approaching I thought I would post about one of my favorite things to make for little gifts for the kids, friends or teachers.  The candy kiss roses.

24_thumb.jpg  Here are a few I made and tied together with a bow and even added one of the Making Memories tags to them.




Here are the supplies you will need to make them


floral tape

floral stems (I got 22 gauge, I would go thicker)


foil tissue wrap

Hershey Candy kisses


Cut your foil wrap into approx. 5" X 5" pieces (you will find a size that works best for you)



Cut your floral stem in half

(about 9" long)







take two kisses bottom to bottom





and put them into 1 square of the mylar (foil tissue) (at the center with the points up)



wrap your foil tissue around the two kisses going corner to corner.  Then pull the other two sides down to the bottom


I usually twist it a couple times at the bottom and then wrap your floral tape around a few times just to hold it together.

Then find the center on the bottom and push the floral stem into it.  Sometimes mine ends up outside the foil tissue and sometimes its inside.  Either way you will cover it up with floral tape.

20_thumb%5B2%5D.jpg 21_thumb%5B2%5D.jpg

Once you've secured the stem into the center you can start to wrap the floral tape at an angle down the foil tissue.  It gets sturdier as you go.



add your leaf and continue wrapping with the floral tape.






I wrap almost to the bottom of the stem.


They are really easy and fun to make, even while your watching tv



26_thumb%5B4%5D.jpg 25_thumb.jpg


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