Half way through the week

January 9, 2008

This is the first full week back to school.  It's only Wednesday and it seems like they've been back for a week already!  Well at least next week isn't a full week of school.

We were at Target again today, seems its almost a daily appearance I make there.  It never fails, once I get home someone reminds me of something I forgot or something they just realized we were out of.  This time it was dog food, so after picking up Zach from school we headed back to Target.

Worked some more on my mini book and I'm enjoying the process. I still have to figure out all the pictures I want to use, but I'm just going to use family pictures from 2007, we seemed to be pretty good at getting them this year.  Here's some of the pages


18_thumb_1.jpg 20_thumb_1.jpg

Funny how I have this entire basement for a scraproom, but I keep bringing things to my counters upstairs?  Maybe its because its colder down there or too quiet. Either way I guess when I don't have people over scrapping with me, I prefer to be upstairs where everything is happening.


Here's the mess I created on my kitchen counters

EDITED TO ADD: Here is a link to the Bare Elements Peek a boo book I'm using


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